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Report of the Annual Meeting, May 7, 2017


We are pleased to announce that at its January Meeting, the Vestry voted to approve the
members of the Search Committee as recommended by Allison McLean and John Cusack, Co-
Chairs of the Search Committee, and the Senior and Junior Wardens. The vote was
unanimous to appoint the following individuals: Joe Barrett, Liz Bloomer, Dave Catizone,
Lourdes Cruz, Lisa DeNisco, Andrew Higgins, Nancy Karp, Kathryn Parker and Michelle Tubbs.

We believe that these individuals reflect the diversity of our parish. In addition, the composition
of the Committee is one third from the Vestry and two thirds from the Parish at large, as
recommended by the Diocese.

We want to thank these individuals for taking on this important task. The job ahead will be
challenging, but also very rewarding, as they help us to identify the qualities we wish to seek in
a new Rector and identify candidates for the position. Please give them your support and keep
the entire Search Committee and our Parish family in your prayers during this time of change.

Remember that while the Search Committee will take the lead in planning and carrying out a
Self Study of the parish which will be used in developing our Parish Profile, they will need help
from the entire parish. This will be your opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses, areas
for growth and change and the things that you would like to see continued. This is an
opportunity for the entire parish to help identify the skills and leadership style we would like our
new Rector to have. So, when the Search Committee calls on you to come to a meeting or
complete a survey, or just have a conversation, please be responsive and let them know your

Once again, if you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to talk to either
Allison or John or one of us.

Torry Guardino, Senior Warden              Claire Newquist, Junior Warden

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